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Hi Terri,

Thank you so much to you and the angels for yesterday – I feel renewed and refreshed and slept like a baby. Started using all the advise last night and its remarkable how our home is lighter and happier already.

May God bless you!

Lots of blessings

I was introduced to the Angel Course by a friend of mine. I had heard of Doreen Virtue before and had read books on Angels. I decided to attend the First Angel Day course and see what it was like. The energy in the room was very strong but gentle at the same time. Buddy and Terri used Crystals in one of their meditating sessions. I got a lot from the day and signed up for their weekend course.

About two weeks after the Angel Day course I had to go to the doctors for my usual (womans check), up to that moment I had been having abnormal results (pat smear) for at least three years. Before I went in I asked the Angels for their help and to be there. A week later I got the results and all was clear. That was the first time in three years, I was so excited.

I know one can never be sure, but I was introduced to the Angel Day Course by a friend, I felt a great load lift from me on the day of the course and then to have the all clear result. We all need help..


Dear Terri,

Thank you very much for the letter and yes, it was really a lovely day. I learnt a lot and I found that the way you and Buddy had organized everything was really really wonderful :-) I look very much forward to meeting you again and to come to a next workshop or meditation session.

Lots of love


Hi Terri & Buddy,

I just want to say thank you so much for an enlightening, interesting and enjoyable day yesterday. I feel it is the way forward for me. Having been brought up not to ask, it will take some effort, but I am sure I will be able to do it.

Thank you so much, you are an amazing couple.

Kind wishes.

Hi Terri,

Thanks for the Channeling, today I just feel great.

Love Melanie

Buddy I cant thank you enough for the truly insightful reading you kindly arranged for me recently. As you know at the time I was feeling a little vulnerable to say the least ,and the comfort I felt from your help and support really made a difference to me at that moment in life.

I am planning to arrange to see you again and have told all my friends what an amazing service you are offering here in Dubai.

Really looking forward to the planned workshop, I know are were involved in the previous one which you conducted with Terri it was truly outstanding, what a lovely group of people it attracted.

Best wishes,


Dear Terri & Buddy

I would like to Thank yuoo Terri & Buddy for your kind help and to share wiht you the following.

Its already 9 days since your have helped me to have my past life cord cutting, which took place on the 11th July 2009, and i have already made 2 new friends, after a long time being with out any friends. Also i have had a very good business deal come in. I am now not afraid to consider any changes. I am feeling really good. It worked magic! Thank you both for being with us and for your kind help.

With best regards

Elena (Dubai)