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John of God Crystal

TOUR DATES 6th- 20th August - 2017

When you decided or get a calling to visit John of God and the Casa this is an huge opportunity for a deep spiritual healing in this beautiful powerful vortex of energy retreat. It's a time when you stay focused on your own growth and healing.

João Teixeira da Faria, more commonly known as "John of God", is one of the world's most prolific and sought-after healers. Having treated literally tens of thousands of people, he is arguably "the most powerful Medium alive at this time and must surely rank among the greatest healers of the last 2,000 years", according to Robert Pellegrino in his book The Miracle Man. John of God has dedicated his life to healing the sick and incurable, without payment or prejudice. His sanctuary, the Casa Dom Inácio, is located near an open portal atop a Quartz Crystal mine in the small town of Abadiania, Brazil where he receives visitors seeking help for themselves or their loved ones.

As Certified Guides of the Casa Dom Inãcio, we provide guidance and assistance for visitors wishing to visit John of God for the purposes of spiritual, mental, physical and/or emotional healing. We have visited to Abadiania many times over the last 8yrs years for Self-healing and Enlightenment and it has completely changed our life.

Medium Joao is in session on Wednesdays, Thursday and Fridays. On these days, you bring along your healing intentions before the entities, to receive your spiritual healings. During your healing session you wil need to take good care of yourself. Rest, Meditate, Eat correctly and drink lots of Casa Healing Water or even have a lovely healing massage.


  • 12 Nights lodging at Pousada.
  • 3 Healthy Meals Daily (vegetarian available). The food is healthy and fresh, with plenty of fruits and vegetables, salad, rice, chicken, beans, etc
  • Orientation info and Casa protocol: There are some rules of the Casa which are simple and basic. Everyone is asked to comply, for their highest healing.
  • Translation assistance
  • 12 sessions with the John of God. These are on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings and afternoons. We go to the Casa to see and have a personal interaction with the entities through John of God.
  • Daily Discussion Groups
  • Guided group visit to the Casa's Sacred Waterfall
  • Optional Daily Meditation on non-Casa days at the Casa
  • Personal assistance given in choosing John of God crystals just for you
  • Healing from the entities for loved ones, if you bring personal pictures of your loved ones
  • One crystal bed session
  • One liter bottle of blessed water on arrival
  • One taxi ride to the waterfall
  • Accommodation Provides

  • Accommodation Provides
    • Private room with toilet, shower and towels
    • Single Room Occupancy
    • Excellent food for all types of eaters including vegetarians
    • Laundry service (very small fee for laundry)
    • Internet access is available + Wi-Fi (small payment to posada to log on per day)
    • Courtyard, garden with waterfalls & Mediation Room

Tour Fee US $1800 Deposit: 500 non refundable


Taxi ride to and from the airport


Prescription of Herbs for yourself


Spending money for crystal bed session and spending money.

Additional Donation to the Casa


  • "Dear Terri & Buddy

    Having returned excited, safe and sound from a 2 week trip to John of God, the amazing medium in Abadiania, I have realized that I would not have made it as effortlessly if it had not been for the two of you! Started from the initial briefing by Terri, the guidance on the flights by Buddy, and not to mention the assistance from Buddy for my Brazil visa!! I nearly didn't make it..Lol. Your communication was instantaneous. Then came the efficient pick up at Brasilia airport..the fond meeting upon arrival OUTSIDE the pousada...the thoughtful bottle of blessed water and assistance with my baggage. Then the almost daily briefings and guidance at the Casa...the general information about the policies in vogue...Frooties!....making the most of spare time....making it as many times as possible at the Waterfall. Not to mention the exchange house and ATM..which helped both Tariq and I so much. The "family" atmosphere at dinners at the pousada...the bon homie...for 2 weeks... The check out from the pousada, organizing the taxi to Brasilia airport, waiting for our respective flights to Rio and Sao Paolo... WOW.. the experience of being with John of God was, of course, stupendous...but it was enriched by your kind and gentle experienced guidance...all the way!! Yes .... all the way from start to finish.

    Many many thanks indeed for being there for me all the time..made my trip so relaxed and hassle free. Ooops, nearly forgot..... the psychic readings by Terri...ha ha ha....

    Would love to catch up with you guys in Dubai now. I'll send the pics once I download them..."

    Fond regards and cheerio

    - Ajit Lamba

  • I was guided to visit John of God and, as it was my first visit, was blessed to find two amazing people to be my guides. Words can not begin to express the love and gratitude I have for Terri and Buddy. They had the unenviable job of easing my mind of the everyday "stuff" so that I could focus on my journey in Abadiania.

    Needless to say they were up for the challenge. Everything from their knowledge of Casa protocol and routine, their choice in pousada, making sure I was comfortable and well taken care of, allowing me to do my own thing while ensuring that I was also included in the group, and their friendliness: not only to their group but to everyone in general made it a trip that I will never forget.

    - Tereasa Booher

  • My first visit to the Casa was with Terri and Buddy. I am so thankful I had the opportunity to go with them as they are such patient and caring people. Explaining each step of the Casa process, having nightly catch ups to make sure we were assimiliating the energies well, and guiding us to make the most of our experience while there. It was a magical experience made all the more excellent by Terri and Buddy.

    Terri and Buddy made me feel so safe and cared for during my trip to the Casa de Dom Inacio. Their organization pre-arrival was excellent, and while in Abadiania, they were on hand to guide us every step of the way, from all the healing activities to choosing the right crystal for us. It was such a personal service, it felt like being with caring parents rather than tour guides.

    - Natasha

  • I visited Terri Allen for over one year, a spiritual healer and Casa guide. I didn't know much about spiritual healing, I had tried Reiki once before, which is hands on healing. In this healing room is a crystal bed and so many attractive crystals. The atmosphere is calm and serene. After my healing, I felt so much better, lighter and happier. I also realized how much work I needed to do spiritually. The crystal bed is from John of God's Casa in Abadiania, Brazil. It is a healing tool, whereby you are able to connect to the Casa and the light entities. Terri is able to connect with the light entities from the Casa and invite them into her healing room to assist her with the healing session. This was something I had not heard of before and was so intrigued. It worked very well for me.

    After a year of weekly crystal bed treatments with Terri I decided to attend a 2-week John of God trip with Terri and Buddy Abrahams official Casa guides in Abadiania, Brazil You must go with a guide especially the first time. I would have been completely lost without Terri and Buddy because there is a procedure to the way things are done at the Casa. It really is difficult to describe with words, but I advise anyone who has the opportunity to go and visit. The Poussada we stayed was very pleasant and everyone there is beyond helpful. I came back with a lot of crystals, it's hard not to. I will definitely go again most likely next year.

    - Tariq Al-Naif

  • I was very lucky to have the opportunity to visit John of God in Brazil and even luckier to go with Terri and Buddy. It was the most amazing experience ever! They prepared us (the group) really well for the experience and helped with all questions, fears, concerns etc. that I had before going. I felt really safe in their hands as they led me through the process and helped me get the most out of my visit. They guided me, reassured me, respected me, supported me and looked after me. They are both so passionate about the casa and want as many people as possible to benefit from it. I just can’t speak highly enough about Terri and Buddy as guides, they really took care of me and made my experience amazing! I will definitely be going back and I will definitely be going with them!! They have such a deep respect for John of God and how the casa works. They also have a respect for each client and understand that everyone is on their own journey. As well as everything else Terri and Buddy both have a wonderful sense of humour and are such positive, passionate, compassionate and enthusiastic people! They have amazing intuitive insights into situations and above all they really care and made sure that I got the best out of my visit and I certainly did! Thank you both very much for being such amazing people. The world needs more like you! You are a blessing!

    - Jacqui Gray